Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Yellow Submarine

Remember the old Beatles' song about how they lived in The Yellow Submarine?

That is the name of the habitat for my Three Guinea Pigs Gruff. Jenn built them a six foot long "sub" out of yellow plastic and connecting metal ties. Today was bed making day and for them this involves flannel sheets, puppy pads and newspapers. The Fearsome Threesome are banished to their "confessional" during this procedure.

Their confessional consists of an enclosure for the three of them to occupy as the Yellow Sub is cleaned out and made fit for piggy habitation once again. We call it a confessional because it is a window of opportunity where they can mull over the "sins" that got them temporarily evicted. (Peeing, leaving uneaten bits of food, etc.)

My confession? Loving them so much I totally forgive them of their trespasses (intended or not)!

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