Monday, December 20, 2010

Cleaning Day

Our cleaning lady came today. Jenn and I head out when she arrives. She works so hard and fast it makes my head spin to watch. Good to come home to great smelling house and sterile guinea pigs (not really). We tease FuzzButt that we are apt to find his few remaining tail feathers -- orignally long curling hairs along his behind -- (which we now call an upright) starched and ironed straight up.

Cr0ckett, Einstein and Fuzzy are not as thrilled with our cleaning lady as we are. They do not consider her one of the "pack." The fearsome threesome cling to us and sit on our laps an abnormally long time on the evening after she works. That's quite okay fellas -- love the extra bonding.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cabin Fever has hit...

an all time low. About five inches to be (more or less) exact. How do my six inch and under crowd know it is 13 degrees out with a foot and a half of snow? I should be the one climbing the walls. However, Fuzz-Butt and Einstein have taken to entertaining themselves by chasing Baby Crockett, sniffing Baby Crockett and all around annoying Baby Crockett. Boys, you need to buck up and be civil to your cagemate.
(Aside to Baby Crockett: How about an extra long lap time this evening acompanied by a yummy celery snack? Might be just what the doctor ordered -- for both of us.)
(Aside to The White Boys aka as Fuzzy and Einstein. Behave yourselves or it's going to be a long winter. Sigh.)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Self-Esteem -- What a beauty make-over!

Fuzz-Butt, the uglier of the two white boys, became an over-night sensation. In the eyes of my daughter (Jenn) and I, at least. She used him (and Einstein and Crockett) to enter a contest for DumDum pops. Fuzzy sat in the firetruck like an old pro as the "kids" along the parade route (Einstein and Crockett) waited for the candy to be tossed to them. Fuzzy did such a good job, he actually looked like he was ringing the fire truck bell.

He loved the attention. And being the center of attention must have made him feel important. He seems much more content since then and when we call him "Precious" he looks up. He knows his new nickname.

And I must say he is precious, since the picture won the contest and Jenn won the top prize of $2,500. We had to have cast iron pips cut out of our upstairs bathroom and replace the rotting floor, so the $2,500 couldn't have come at a better time.

Thank you, Precious!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Yellow Submarine

Remember the old Beatles' song about how they lived in The Yellow Submarine?

That is the name of the habitat for my Three Guinea Pigs Gruff. Jenn built them a six foot long "sub" out of yellow plastic and connecting metal ties. Today was bed making day and for them this involves flannel sheets, puppy pads and newspapers. The Fearsome Threesome are banished to their "confessional" during this procedure.

Their confessional consists of an enclosure for the three of them to occupy as the Yellow Sub is cleaned out and made fit for piggy habitation once again. We call it a confessional because it is a window of opportunity where they can mull over the "sins" that got them temporarily evicted. (Peeing, leaving uneaten bits of food, etc.)

My confession? Loving them so much I totally forgive them of their trespasses (intended or not)!

Friday, November 19, 2010

How the Three came to be

Let me introduce you (briefly) to three of my favorite six inch (and under) set. Baby Crockett is the brown one. He came from the pet store with multiple bites on his back thanks to his ill-tempered cage mate -- a surly-looking large gray rabbit. Jenn (my daughter) and I had agreed any additional pigs we got (and we'd had a dozen over the years) would be a rescue. After seeing Crockett's miserable living conditions, we decided he was a rescue. We didn't realize at the time we were also inviting into our home a multitude of munching mites!

The White boys -- Fuzzbutt and Einstein came as a duo. They are brothers. On a windy May day in 2008 they (with the help of a girl and boy) rang our doorbell and asked to live with us. What could we say to these homeless, hapless fellows? Yes. Of course.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Introducing my Three Guinea Pigs Gruff

My three guinea pigs: Fuzzbutt, Baby Crockett, and Einstein after Trick-or-Treat.