Friday, November 19, 2010

How the Three came to be

Let me introduce you (briefly) to three of my favorite six inch (and under) set. Baby Crockett is the brown one. He came from the pet store with multiple bites on his back thanks to his ill-tempered cage mate -- a surly-looking large gray rabbit. Jenn (my daughter) and I had agreed any additional pigs we got (and we'd had a dozen over the years) would be a rescue. After seeing Crockett's miserable living conditions, we decided he was a rescue. We didn't realize at the time we were also inviting into our home a multitude of munching mites!

The White boys -- Fuzzbutt and Einstein came as a duo. They are brothers. On a windy May day in 2008 they (with the help of a girl and boy) rang our doorbell and asked to live with us. What could we say to these homeless, hapless fellows? Yes. Of course.

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